About Us

Lordscare is a large supplier of products include Face Masks, Face sheild, Atomized Disinfection Fogging Machine Disinfection Mist Fogging machine, Sanitizer Liquids ,Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, UV Light , Hand Sanitizers Stand,PPE Kits Digital Infrared Thermometer ,Face Shields, Customized Masks etc.

The company could manage various brands for products in its range and it has been supplying various products all over the India.

The Company supplying high quality products with low cost campared to competitors in the market.

Lordscare affiliates large retailers as well as small retailers , who really selling products to the end customers. The company Having huge experience in the Market with different types of products. You get orders in bulk range and small range.

Our Product Range Incluses : Alchohol Hand Rub,MS Hand Sanitizers, Healwell Hand Cleaners,Sanfresh Hand Sanitizers, Outdoor Disinfection Sanitizers. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser,Hand sanitizer Dispenser,Nano Sanitizer Machine, Room Disinfection Gun,Touch Free,Sanitizer Dispencer, UV Light Sterrilizer Machine, Hand Sanitizer Stand, Medical Dress, 90 GSM Non Woven Fabric PPE Kit,Hand Sanitizer Stand,Thermometer,Infrared Thermometer, Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, Face sheilds, Face Guards,Gloves, Letex Examination Goals,Disinfection Spray,Safety Glasses, Oxycare Portable Oxygen Kit, Non Contact Touchless,Infrared Sensor Dispencer etc.

Founded to serve people who cannot go out in search of products which they need, Lords Care make you stay home stay safe and giving you the Best Product ,Right Product,in the Right Price.